How to add and edit SOAddress records in SL using Catalina’s API for Dynamics SL

How to add and edit SOAddress records in SL using Catalina’s API for Dynamics SL

Here is an example of how you can create a NEW shipto address, using POST, for a customer (NOTE:  I am doing a post and not passing a ShipToId in the URL.)

Also NOTE:  When doing a post (adding a NEW address), if you explicitly set a ShipToId in the body, it cant be an existing ShipToId for that customer or an error will be thrown.  If you do pass a ShipToId in the body, the system will try to create a new ShipTo Address using that ShipToId.  If you don’t pass a ShipToId, the API will auto generate a new ShipToId for you.

Another NOTE:  There is an issue with the API, where you need to make sure that you put the CustId in the body, when doing a POST for a new ShipTo Address, or it wont save against the CustId.  This is a known issue where the API doesn’t grab the CustId from the query string when it is saving the SOAddress, it grabs from the body.  So, make sure that you are putting CustId in the body (also NOTE the capitalization of CustId. Darn Solomon in its differences in capitalization throughout.)

Creating a new SOAddress for a customer:

Here is an example of how to create a new SOAddress using curl and the action type of POST.  Variables that are in the call:

  • yourserver:  You would replace the actual server you have the Catalina API installed on instead of using “yourserver.”  this is just a placeholder.
  • YOURAUTHCODEHERE:  This should be the encoded basic authentication string for your setup
  • YOURCPNYID:  This should be the CpnyID of the Company you are using from your System database
  • YOURSITEIDHERE:  This should be the SiteID setup in the API configuration
  • CUSTID1:  This is a customer ID (CustID) that I am using in my example.  You would of course use a valid CustID in your SL’s Customer table
  • ADDR1:  I am forcing this to save a new ShipTo Address with the ShipToId of “ADDR1”.  If ADDR1 already exists for this customer, it will throw an error.  NOTE:  You can leave this field out and the API will auto-generate an ID for you
  • Other fields in the body is data that I wanted to save in the SOAddress
Curl -x post \
http://yourserver/ctdynamicssl/api/financial/accountsreceivable/customer/c300/address \
-H 'accept: application/json' \
-H 'authorization: Basic YOURAUTHCODEHERE' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
-d '{
"CustId": "CUSTID1",
"ShipToId": "ADDR1",
"Notes": "TEST",
"resultCode": 0,
"Addr1": "222 Smith Street",
"Addr2": "#18",
"Attn": "Marvin"

Updating an existing SOAddress record

Now, lets say you want to edit an existing shipto address.  You would do a patch and make sure that you pass the ShipToId that you want in the URL.  It doesn’t have to be in the body.  In the below example, I am updating the ShipToId of ADDR1 for Customer ID CUSTID1 and only updating the field “Attn” to read “Marvin the Martian.”  PATCH will not update any other fields if they aren’t passed.

Curl -X PATCH \
http://yourserver/ctDynamicsSL/api/financial/accountsReceivable/customer/CUSTID1/address/ADDR1 \
-h 'accept: application/json' \
-h 'authorization: Basic YOURAUTHCODEHERE' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
-d '{
"CustId": "CUSTID1",
"Attn": "Marvin the Martian"
New Location, New Garden

New Location, New Garden

We recently decided to move from California to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The reasons are many (taxes, crowds, etc.), but what we are going to miss is the year around growing season we had in Southern California.  Even though we had such a small garden, the use of vertical hydroponics, rain gutter growing, raised beds, etc. allowed us to have a very productive garden that produced most of our greens and herbs.

This new location is going to be very different.  We do have a lot more land.  But, it is on a barrier island where the soil is mostly sand, isn’t very fertile for growing food, very salty, and there can be severe storms. Continue reading “New Location, New Garden”

URL’s for PayFabric and Catalina’s Payment Processing

PayFabric has several different endpoints depending on which version you are using.  When configuring Order Central, Account Central, or Sales Central, use the following endpoints based on the version you are setup to use:





TSheets Integration for Dynamics SL

TSheets Integration for Dynamics SL


Catalina creates seamless integration with TSheets and Dynamics SL.  This removes the tedious re-keying of data that introduces costly errors and additional resources.  The key Integration points are:

  • Synchronize Projects and Tasks between Dynamics SL and TSheets
  • Synchronize Employees between Dynamics SL and TSheets
  • Synchronize timecard entries between Dynamics SL and TSheets

This allows you to use a best of breed time tracking and approval software like TSheets.  And then be able to synchronize time back into Dynamics SL so that you can pay your employees and bill your customers.

Give your customers access to product documentation through SMS Texting (no app or website needed)

Quick demo I did on our SMS Central product to allow your customers to download product documentation to their phone by just texting a picture of a barcode on the product.

Give your customer quick access to product, safety, and other documentation without an app or website.  Your customer can just text a picture of a product barcode from their phone (no app needed).  SMS Central will then text the document back to your customer’s phone based on that barcode.  You can store your documents in SharePoint, OneDrive, DropBox, a file server, a document imaging system (like Metafile or Papersave), or most any other location.  SMS Central will decode the barcode and retrieve the proper image and send to your customer or field personnel.

Allow your customers to retrieve product documents by simply SMS texting a picture of a barcode from the product

Allow your customers to retrieve product documents by simply SMS texting a picture of a barcode from the product

Getting product documents to your customers and your field technicians is always difficult.  SMS Central makes it easier.  Your customer or field personnel only needs to take a picture of a barcode on the product and SMS text it through SMS Central, which will look up the proper document and text it back.  No app is needed, no website, no jotting down of serial numbers and then running to a computer to google.  Just simply text a picture and get the document.

You can link any type of barcode to a document.  Whether it is a manufacturer’s barcode or you have your own barcode standards.  We just link that barcode to a document and when a customer or field person texts a picture of a matching barcode or QR code, we lookup the appropriate document and send it back to them.

Documents can be stored in SharePoint, SQL Server, Azure Storage, Web, or we can store it for you in our cloud storage.

SMS and Barcodes make for quick and easy communication to your ERP, Helpdesk, Field Service, or other system

SMS and Barcodes make for quick and easy communication to your ERP, Helpdesk, Field Service, or other system

SMS Central provides you with a way for customers and employees to quickly communicate information stored on barcodes directly back to your back-office systems by doing nothing more than taking a picture of the barcode and texting it.  You don’t need any app installed on a phone other than SMS messaging.  Those barcodes can then be used to create sales orders, service calls, inventory changes, as well as countless other things that you can use when tagging an item with a bar or QR Code.

Barcode formats SMS Central can handle

UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, MSI, RSS-14, QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec, PDF-417 

For Customers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate information with high accuracy between you and your customers?  What if your customer has a problem with one of your products and you are trying to determine exactly which one it is?

SMS Central allows you to give your customer a phone number to SMS text to and mail a QR or barcode directly to your system already decoded!

All a customer has to do is take a picture of the barcode on their product and SMS message it to you.  They don’t have to install any special app on their phone and it will work on any phone.  SMS Central will then automatically decode that barcode and can then save it directly into your ERP, helpdesk, field service, CRM, or any other system so that you can have that information at your fingertips. 

For Sales

If you have sales people out in the field needing to restock shelves, supply restaurants, or other situation where the sales rep can snap a picture of the barcode on a product, SMS text it to your order management system, and then get it ordered.  All without any app installed on their phone.

Just snap a picture of a barcode of a product and send it to your order management or other system!

There are countless ways that SMS Central could be configured to handle most any workflow or need.

For Field Service, Inventory, and Asset Management

Your people in the field can quickly snap shots of barcodes and QR codes at customer sites to track what equipment is on site, what hardware has problems, or take inventory of assets at a location by simply using any phone and taking a picture and texting it.

Getting information about an asset or tracking assets is as easy as taking a picture of a barcode and sending it to your back-office system.  SMS Central does the rest!