Month: April 2017

Sales Central:  Web based order management for Dynamics SL

Sales Central: Web based order management for Dynamics SL

There are times when you just cant get RDP/Terminal server access to your servers to access the Dynamics SL thick client.  Like when you are on a tablet or remote.  That is where Catalina’s Sales Central for Dynamics SL comes into play.  This allows you to access Dynamics SL Order Management, Customer Management, Inventory, and other modules through a cross-browser, mobile-enabled solution.

Sales Central allows you to do the following

  • Take orders from your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even phone
  • Search, view, edit, and create sales orders
  • Search, view, edit, and create customers
  • View inventory and availability
  • Take credit cards
  • Customize to suit your needs

Below is a demo we did at one of our webinars that does a brief walk-through of Sales Central.  If you have further questions or would like to have a more in-depth demo, please contact us at

Cloud Printing and Mail from

Cloud Printing and Mail from

Last week I showed a demo on how you could print invoices, checks, etc. automatically From Dynamics SL to our professional cloud based printing and mailing solution. (See Dynamics SL demo here)  Since the Catalina solution isn’t specific to what feeds it, this post is how you can do the same thing through  I will be showing other ERP’s and how we can do the same thing over the next few weeks (Dynamics GP and CRM, Intacct, Excel spreadsheets, SQL queries, and others)

Even today, in the highly connected world, we are still faced with customers, vendors, employees, sales opportunities, and others either requiring or preferring printed communications like invoices, checks, etc.  We have been able to automate a lot of things, but exporting data, merging it, printing it, stuffing into envelopes, and mailing it can still be quite a laborious and costly process.  This is where Catalina’s cloud-based printing and mailing solution can come in to automate the integration process and outsource the printing and mailing portion.

Here is a brief demo on how this can work with  Not only does this demo show you how you can have cloud based printing and mailing of your invoice and other documents, but also how you can integrate with Nodus’ PayLink payment processing solution that allows your customers to quickly pay their invoices online through a PCI compliant payment solution.

We will be posting other demos and tutorials on how you can add this to your ERP, CRM, helpdesk, or other back-office system.

Cloud Based Printing and Postage for your ERP or CRM for Sending Invoices, Checks, and more!

Many of us still have customers, vendors, employees, etc. who require printed invoices, checks, letters, or other documents to be mailed to them.  This is a hassle to do.  Extracting and formatting the data, mail-merging, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, postage, and mailing takes time and costs money.

Catalina Technologies’ Cloud based printing and mailing solution automates this process and merges data from your ERP, CRM, helpdesk, or other system and prints and mails these documents for you.


How does this work?  We merge your data into a customizable template, print it, and mail it.  All on the Cloud!  It is just that simple!

(NOTE:  You can jump to the end of this post to see a demo of this in action!)

Data Integration

To make life easier, you want your ERP, helpdesk, CRM, or other system to automatically feed the cloud printing and postage so that you don’t have to do manual steps to get your data out of your back office, merged, printed, and mailed.  Catalina Technology has a full set of integration tools that allows you to integrate from most ERP’s, CRM systems, Helpdesk, or SQL Query, Excel spreadsheet, CSV, etc.  Catalina also has a front-end to Quick Query that allows you to define Quick Query filter definitions that can have custom mapping rules.  These Quick Query filter definitions can then be saved and scheduled as automated jobs.

QuickQuery Output

  • Dynamics SL, GP, and CRM
  • Any SQL Query
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • .CSV files
  • You can call our API from your system
  • Custom integration


Templating is an important part of a printing solution.  This allows you to be able to customize how data is merged into the output document to any format you want.

invoice template

These can then be printed as:

  • Invoices
  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Holiday cards
  • Checks
  • Anything you would normally send to a customer, vendor, employee, business associate, etc!


Here is a quick demo we did on one of our recent webinars showing how we can receive data from Dynamics SL, merge it into invoices, and then send it out to be printed and mailed to your customers.

For more information contact Catalina Technology: