Send Pictures and Locations to Dynamics SL through SMS Texts

Send Pictures and Locations to Dynamics SL through SMS Texts

You can allow your field service and sales people send pictures, updates, and even location to Dynamics SL service module with SMS text messaging.  No app needed and any phone will work (even a flip phone)!

Some of SMS Central’s features:

  1. Catalina’s SMS Central allows a field person to update status of a field service call by just sending an SMS text message (no app needed) on any phone.
  2. Take pictures from your phone and auto-attach to a service call in Dynamics SL and just text it to SMS Central without any app.
  3. Catalina’s SMS Central can capture the GPS coordinates of the picture and plot it on a map.
  4. SMS Central can save pictures as attachments in Dynamics SL or other Field Service, Helpdesk, CRM, Document Storage, or Document Imaging system.
  5. SMS Central can forward pictures to your customer for them to reply to, for proof of work.
  6. Catalina’s portal allows easy viewing of history using any web browser.

Catalina Portal for Viewing Messaging History

Images are not only stored as attachments in Dynamics SL, but also captured in a web based portal accessible by any modern browser.  The Catalina portal can also pin the locations of the photos on a map as well as display Dynamics SL data for quick access of the Service Call information.



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